Music Rhapsody

Music Rhapsody – Early Childhood Music and Movement Program

The Music Rhapsody program, developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner, addresses each age and stage of childhood development. It meets your child exactly where he or she is. Beautiful, diverse songs, singable phrases, repetition with variety, the use of instruments, puppets and visuals all foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment. It is a program that, to its core, acknowledges and values the input and creativity of each and every child. Lynn Kleiner

Our early childhood classes are designed to develop musical play and creativity through music and movement, and bonding between parents and their children.

MR curriculum facilitates opportunities to move, create, listen, and interact in music. Music engagement is fun and nourishes the whole brain!

MR is designed not only to benefit infants, but to support parents as well. MR seeks to introduce a wide variety of music, expanding both parent’s and children’s repertoire of early childhood music, interactions and experiences.

We believe that every child is born with an innate and profound musicality. At the most basic and obvious level this musicality is demonstrated every day in such things as our ability to walk and talk. Our musicality is a gift, and with proper nurturing it grows with your child.

Music Rhapsody perfectly prepares students and parents to transition into private instruction in piano or any other instrument.

Babies Make Music- for children 3 months to crawling or walking with a parent.

Babies instinctively react to music! In these interactive Mommy & Me classes, parents & babies learn delightful rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, action songs and dances that stimulate your baby’s natural response to music. Parents gather information each week on infant musical development and learn activities to share in class and use at home. More benefits: Increases bonding with your baby and develops listening and motor skills. Also enhances language development and sense of balance and timing. Please bring your music kit to class each week. Notes on songs, rhymes and games are included in the Music Kit. At-home participation with your kit is the key to the full benefits of the program.

Class length: 45 minutes

Toddlers Make Music- for children ages 1 & 2

In this Mommy & Me class the toddler and parent learn delightful songs, dances and musical activities that focus on singing and keeping a beat to enhance timing, coordination, listening and language skills. High-quality percussion instruments are used as well as puppets, stories and colorful props to make this a very special music time. More benefits: Repetition assists language development and memory, and improves coordination and timing. Helps toddlers express their feelings productively, and develops their imagination and ability to focus.  Please bring the music kit  to each class.  At-home participation with your kit is the key to the full benefits of the program.

Class length: 45 minutes

Kids Make Music- for children 3-4 years of age

This Mommy & Me class gets the child started with the fun and high quality Orff instruments and features exciting musical games, rhymes, and stories. It is recommended for young 4-year-olds who prefer the parent to stay for class or need a little extra help playing the instruments. More benefits: Develops a sense of timing and coordination as the child experiences solo and group playing on the Orff instruments. Solo singing games improve listening, pitch matching, and tone quality. Builds on the child’s musical literacy foundation and continues to improve physical and literacy skills. Students should bring their music kit to each class. Using the CD, DVD and instruments at home will reinforce the learning from the class as well as encourage participation and improve musical skills.

Class length: 45 minutes

Young Musicians Make Music-for children ages 4-6 without parent

Your child is ready for a drop-off class!   This class continues teaching the elements of music through singing, playing, exploring, and moving.  Using Orff instruments introduces numerous parts for students to play in ensemble, bringing a more developed sense of timing, listening skills, and concentration. More benefits: Builds on the child’s musical literacy foundation and continues to improve physical and literacy skills…Music Mind Games curriculum is introduced at this time.  These classes partner with our piano program.

Class length: 45 minutes

Rhythm Readers-for children ages 5-7 without parent

This class is for children who have had the Introductory Classes or have the recommendation of the teachers to continue with this more advanced class. Songs and games reinforce concepts taught in the Introductory Class: beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony, expressive qualities. Improvisation continues and beginning notation is now taught while progressing in Music Mind Games curriculum. Visual and written work is included in the lessons. Movement and dance continue. More benefits: Lays a solid foundation for musical aptitude and music literacy. Develops coordination, concentration, and self-confidence through group singing and playing. These classes partner with our private piano program.

Class length: 55 minutes

Melody Makers-for children ages 7-9

This class reinforces and builds on all of the musical skills and activities of the Rhythm Readers class. Your child will experience beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony and expressive qualities, through movement and group music making while using Orff percussion instruments.  Children who have had Rhythm Readers will extend their beginning notation skills as they are introduced to Recorder and more advanced elements of Music Mind Games curriculum.  More benefits: Lays a solid foundation for musical aptitude, concentration, and self-confidence. The recorder lessons provide an excellent foundation for any future musical pursuit.  These classes partner with our piano program.

Class length: 55 minutes

Music through language!-for infants through 4 years of age

Music is language and language is music.   Sing, dance and play as you learn Italian together.  A fun, creative, musical approach to learning a new language. Italian music activities are presented to multi-age groups of children because this fosters natural, family-style learning. The young students in this course learn to understand the meaning of words, simple phrases, and sentences. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, and exploring musical instruments.

Class length: 45 minutes

Music Theory in Motion classes are designed for late elementary through high school aged students and are the next step after Music Rhapsody introductory classes in developing students understanding of music theory.  A knowledge of theory is an essential tool for all musicians providing them with a common technical language and a means of understanding how music is organized. These classes continue to develop the building blocks of music. Students will experience theory through progressive game playing (Music Mind Games*), reading, writing, listening and movement activities.  Informal performance opportunities are encouraged at the end of each class.

Class length: one hour

*The Music Mind Games curriculum contains over 300 mind stimulating games to teach students to love and be excited about learning music theory!  Students play cooperative games to learn: the music alphabet, intervals, to read rhythms, rhythm math, sight-singing with solfeggi and Curwin hand signs, beginning dictation, the grand staff, musical symbols and terms, tempos, major and minor scales, triads and chords.